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Adult Dance Classes

Our Adult classes run from End of August through mid December, Then end of January through June.


We offer Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Flex and Tone and Heels. 


Flex and Tone - Keep your body in shape and learn dance stretches along with muscle toning in a class environment. If you are feeling enthusiastic, you can then take your exercises to the gym to add to our program. 

Ballet - So you always wanted to learn Ballet, come and take our adult class and learn the basics of Ballet technique and feel great about yourself

Jazz - For the adults who have had some training but are not feeling ready for an advanced class. Come and get into shape and catch up on your Jazz technique.

Tap - Anybody can Tap, all you need are a pair of Tap shoes and a willingness to learn. Come and learn how to make rhythms with your feet while strengthening your legs. Fun and exercise, you get the best of both worlds.

Hip Hop - This is a class where you can learn to be comfortable with your dance moves to use in a social setting, whether it be at a wedding, or a club or anywhere you can show off your style. Come and learn how to put a bit of flair into your moves, and get basic Hip Hop grooves and technique. 

Heels - Heels class is designed for the trained dancer who wants to learn to take Jazz and Hip Hop training further, and explore working and to be comfortable dancing in heels. This class is an adult based class with a mature setting we recommend ages 16 and up. 

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